The Big Ferocious Blue

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Sometimes I catch myself staring into space, quite literally, as I'm admiring the sky and the thought of what is behind that ferocious blue staring back at me.

It brings me comfort to look into the sky. An endless view of everything and nothing all at once.

How beautiful is that? Above my head, is absolutely nothing, forever and ever. Going on and on.

How can I/we live in a universe and not be born with the knowledge & understanding that we all have endless possibilities and opportunities ahead of us? The drop of rain you felt on your face at the start of a storm? You’ll never feel that drop of rain again. Or the cloud that looks somewhat like the shape of the UK or a turtle, say ‘bye bye cloud’ as it slowly glides away into the unlimited space of nothing, for that cloud will never come past you or the spot you’re standing in again.

Like is that not absolutely wow or what?! The sky over our heads was the same sky over my grandparents, and their great grandparents, and their great great grandparents, you see where I'm going with this? It's consistent, it's here, with us, forever. Well in fact it was here before it and probably will be way after us too.

I take great comfort in the thought of the sky being unlimited. Having a bad day? Look up.

Because in a few hours, that sky will change colour, it will go into night and tomorrows a brand new day with endless potential for us all.

This field of oxygen and CO2, home for our birds to live freely and space for us to fly around the world. When we’re gone and our younger generations live on, the delicious blue sky is here to do for them what it did for us. Remind us to just keep looking up, when you’ve got a problem on your shoulders, look up and the infinite amount of space above your head might just remind you that your problem, isn't so big after all.

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