This Moment

This moment is the only one that matters

As we go through life, it's often quite rare that we all enjoy every moment for what it is. The now. When we are young, we are always told ‘you’ll understand when you’re older’ so of course, we want to be older. Once we reach ‘older’ we wonder, what do the next 5 years older for me? Where will I be? How will I get there? Will I have the same friends? Will I live in the same place? What’s going to happen?

The mind is an utterly amazing machine but we must learn that the brain and mind we have, doesn’t come with a manual on how to control it. It does not come with a start-up guide saying this is how we control our thoughts and what we do to change our thoughts. No no, we are given this 1 billion dollar brain with absolutely no insight on how to use it. So, all of us are using it to think. But think about our past, our future, our worries, our concerns, our laughs, our next laughs, what the weather will be like tomorrow. But when do we start to train our minds and brains into knowing, the only moment that will ever be important is this moment? Right here. Right now.

Once you come to the realization that at this moment, nothing matters the world becomes a lot less full of worry and lots and lots more of joy. At this moment I dont care what I have for dinner this evening or what my weekend plans are, but in this moment, everything is exactly how it's meant to be. It's going exactly how it should. Life. It's happening and we are living it. An accumulation of moments creates every life on earth. But when we step back and look at each moment individually, it’s something pretty damn extraordinary.

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