The aim of the game

So, a lot of the time when we get an idea to do something (e.g. go on holiday, buy new shoes, post a picture) we often think about the opinions of others and what they might think of our new decision. This, then often leads to us thinking about whether we should carry on with our new idea, change our decision in any way or even do it at all. Have you ever thought 'I dont think I'll post this picture, my skin doesn't look great.' NEWS FLASH only you know that about the way you look, no one else.

Let me explain a little, when we think of the opinions of others and what these others could possibly have to say about our new life decisions (big or small) those thoughts that come into our head, funnily enough, they're our thoughts. They're what we think, they are from our experience, from what we see and live every day. The person you think may have a bad comment to make on what you do, that will be what they think, from their experience and what they see, get it? We are all unique, we are all different and we all think different. So how do we know what these 'others' might think or say about us?

Well, we dont. We make it up, kind of like self-sabotage. We make up these silly remarks, comments or opinions that others might think to save ourselves from doing that thing we want to do but frightens you a little bit. Doing something a little bit out of our comfort zone isn't easy, so making up excuses to not do it, saves us from the fear of the unknowing.

But one day, you're going to wake up and be 80 years old. You maybe be alone, you may be married, you may have 6 children and 3 dogs or you may have no children and 1 cat. Either way, that day will come and when it does, will we EVER really care about what someone thought of us all those years ago? Will we ever regret doing something we wanted to do, and getting that proud feeling of doing it. The answer to that is no, you never will. Your life is YOUR life, and in this life, I'm sure most people would agree that the aim of the game is to be happy. So when you feel like you may get criticised by others for doing something a little out of your comfort zone, remember this;

Do what makes you fucking happy.

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