Terrific Tuesdays

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

The sun is shining, there's a cold yet refreshing breeze outside, I got woken up by the birds singing and the sun rising, what a terrific Tuesday?!

When I write, I write from the heart, maybe it should make sense, maybe it should have a point to it or then again maybe it shouldn't because as I sit here on these terrific Tuesdays I think to myself, does anything really matter? Absolutely fucking not.

Now, I do not mean that it in a depressing, why am I here, what is life kind of way. I mean, that thing that your boss said too you that kinda ruined your mood this morning, doesn't fucking matter. Those plans you had to see your friend this weekend but they ended up cancelling, guess what? Doesn't fucking matter. What matters is your health, wellbeing and happiness. How you’re going to make today great and every other day. Those little things that we stress about, that's exactly what they are, little things. A good friend said to me once ‘don’t sweat the small stuff’ and I feel that's something to live by.

Ask yourself, will I care about this in 6 months? Or even 1 week? Probably not, therefore, It. Does. Not. Matter. A lot of the time you’ll see or hear people getting so worked up over a little incident that happened in their day, that then goes on to affect their whole day, the whole energy around your day has now changed because of 1 tiny little incident that you decided to focus on and decided that it matters.

Why do we take life so seriously? It's just life. As Freddie Mercury said perfectly ‘Carry on, as if nothing really matters’ I felt it, I feel it.

Maybe I'm too carefree? Maybe, but would I be free spirit Soph if I cared too much? Absolutely fucking not.

On this terrific Tuesday, I’ve decided that nothing really matters and I'm quite alright with that.

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