Mindfulness Mondays

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

Have you ever stopped and actually thought about where you are right now? Not right now in your career, or where you are in the middle of your week. You, just sat, in your chair, on the bus, or in a queue and just acknowledged your being. Here I am, looking out of these lenses we call eyes to see this unbelievably blue sky or the Boots meal deal lunch we're about to tuck into.

Have you ever just sat, took a breath and acknowledged where you are and what you’re doing in this thing we call life. Funnily enough, this concept of mindfulness, being in the present moment, is actually the movement behind living a truly happy, blissful life. How do I know this?

Well firstly, some monks have spent their whole lives in a mindful meditative state and not just for the fun of it. Scientifically proven mindfulness reduces stress, anxiety, depression & increases focus, patience and empathy. (to name a few.) Secondly, I'm living proof of these results. I hopped on the bandwagon around 6 months ago, while I didn't notice I needed to improve on these things, I realised I wasn't getting the most out of life as I knew I could.

You see, being mindful is a state of gratitude and while we are feeling grateful, it's very hard to feel sad or unhappy. The gratitude of being able to sit down and enjoy a £3 meal deal, because there are some people in this world that are lucky to get £3 a week for their family. The human race is a constantly developing breed, forever wanting new things to experience and be a part of their life, more so to feed their ego of having all the things they ‘want’ just because they can. But maybe if you paid close attention to what you do already have you may feel as though you already have everything you could want? Running water? 3 guaranteed meals a day? A warm bed to go home too?

Mindfulness isn't just about sitting cross-legged on the floor in an orange robe. Mindfulness is a state of being. It's taking a few moments out of your day to feel the immense gratitude you have for the opportunity you have to get out of bed and go to work today. Or the fact you have some sort of drive in you to want to go to work and be better. Or even just enjoying your morning brew with your dog. Mindfulness is understanding that having the ‘finer things in 'life’ could just be a family member or friend that asks how you are each day or the ability to go home and cook your favourite meal.

Mindfulness is appreciating, and tell me, what do you appreciate?

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